“If I have any words of advice for you, it is this, embrace every day, even the rough ones. Each day is your very own page, and you have the power to write the words on those pages. Be courageous, and be strong, but don’t forget it is okay to be weak at times, too.”

“When every heart beat is stronger than the storm, who needs legs to perform”

After leg amputation when I was given a prosthetic leg. It was so heavy, I had to take it off every few hours to begin with because my stump ached. Spent months prior learning to walk with the new prosthetic leg, refused to give up & made it through. Eventually it began to feel like a part of me.


When alone and in my own space, I knew what I wanted – I wanted to run again. You are never too old to start something new. Last year saw this team “I Help Foundation”, organizing events I-Run™ Goa Marathon for a social cause.

I decided to run the marathon! But my ‘everyday’ prosthetic leg was not designed for continual repetitive impact. I knew what was needed to make than happen.When making fundamental decisions in life, its good to talk – taking with the close ones. They can give advice on what they believe.

I got the answer “I believe in you” just you need a lot of practice.

Until you’ve had something taken away, you don’t realize or respect just how much it means. Running is freedom, something we, as humans, were born to do.

On the race day, I felt proud for a minute or two but, really, I could run again. During the run my stump started to pain, but I couldn’t have given up. My mind won over my body & I finished the run, to loud cheers. That’s how I live my life, I just won’t give up. Being stubborn has helped me deal with tough times. I’ll participate in more marathons-I’ve got one life, can’t waste it. I want to keep running; flying even-because this life, this time is all we’ve got & we can’t take it for granted. Leg’s don’t matter what matters is a strong willing heart.

In the meantime, I’ll keep on running – and, when it hurts and I’m low on motivation, I’ll remember how far I’ve come and how much further I got to go.

Published by Ritesh Vaigankar

If you can be a source of someone's happiness, then be content that you have found your purpose in life.

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